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About the NBX V5000 System

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Delivering powerful call-processing features and a suite of productivity-enhancing telephony applications, the 3Com NBX V5000 platform is available in more than 61 countries, supporting more than 12 languages or dialects. This award-winning solution is designed for up to 10 sites, 40 to 400 users, and up to 1,500 devices.With proven fifth-generation 3Com NBX (R5.0) system software, the NBX V5000 solution helps reduce costs and increase efficiencies by converging data and voice communications on a single network, simplifying third-party applications integration, and offering extensive multisite IP connectivity options. Intuitive management tools with simple, web-based administration and user programming can further reduce costs and increase productivity.

The NBX V5000 call processor is the computer at the heart of the 3Com SuperStack 3 Networked Telephony Solution. A part of the 3Com SuperStack 3 family of stackable, rack-mounted networking modules, the call processor lets organizations leverage their investment in data networks to easily and inexpensively carry voice. The 3Com Networked Telephony Solution uses a number of innovative techniques to convert voice into digital packets and back again with the same high quality of voice reproduction that you would expect on a toll call carried over fiber-optic cable.

  • Eliminates the cost and administrative overhead required for separate voice and data networks
  • Ensures high system availability with a real-time operating system, resilient 10/100 Mbps Ethernet uplink ports with failover, optional redundant power supplies, and disk mirroring
  • Affordably improves communications with powerful built-in call-processing features, including voice mail, automated attendant, hunt/call groups, call detail reporting, computer telephony integration (CTI), PC-based visual voicemail/e-mail clients (IMAP4), and with optional software that delivers versatile unified messaging capabilities
  • Offers a wide range of business-quality high-fidelity worktop options that include business phones and attendant console with practical and versatile capabilities such as easy access to a company's internal user directory, speed dials, and even personal call logs
  • Software-based 3Com NBX Media Driver Application Ports make adding capacity for applications such as call centers easy and cost-effective? additional hardware isn't necessary
  • With optional 3Com NBX VPIM Multisite Messaging Exchange licenses, simplifies voicemail message exchange between sites even if different voicemail systems are used
  • Offers an extensive range of multisite connectivity options?3Com NBX IP Virtual Tie Lines, NBX ConneXtions Gateway H.323 Software, and T1/E1 PRI/Q.SIG
  • Supports telecommuters and remote access users with optional 3Com NBX IP licenses
  • Software for managing a phone from a PC screen included for all users, letting them view recent calls, make calls, access the system directory, even drag and drop telephone numbers from other PC applications or web pages
  • The call processor comes with 4 voice mail ports, which means that four callers can be leaving a voice mail message (or listening to automated attendant menus) at any given moment. These standard four ports can be upgraded to 6, 12, 24, 48, 72, and 100 voice messaging ports to support a corresponding number of concurrent activities on the processor. Licenses can be easily upgraded.