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3Com Telephone Repair Services

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3Com Telephone Repair Services

Superior 3Com Telephone Repair Service & An Affordable Price

  • Just $79 dollars for standard repair of the 1100, & 2100 series Telephones
  • Just $99 dollars for standard repair of the 3100 series Telephones.
  • Telephone repair saves nearly 60% of the cost of a new replacement!
  • We repair or remanufacture every NBX part, every day.
  • Overall turnaround time beats every other source.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction of every telephone repair service
  • Overnight advance replacement available, on phones, and even some cards!
  • Full repair warranty on every part we repair.
  • With our certified staff, your satisfaction is paramount.
  • 1 800 544 0059
  • Our highly trained and dedicated technicians repair NBX 1100 series,2100 series,and 3100 series telephones, Analog Line Cards , digital line cards, consoles, power supplies, and processor cards, back to grade 1 operational condition. We know how important down time is in your business, so we strive to have your equipment repaired within two weeks. And we beat that time frame almost every time. We are proud to hold a 100% customer satisfaction rating for our telephone repair service, after thousands of repairs.

    In addition to high quality telephone repair service, we continue with our 20+ years of communication experience, to offer reliable services, including Tech Service Consulting, to over 500 companies. We can assist you with dial plan problems, routing and destination issues as well as almost any other failure in your configuration....just ask, we will help you.

    3Com Telephone repair service

    Currently repair is available for all the NBX 1100 series, the NBX 2100 series as well as the 3100 series products. . The repair service covers all general wear and tear on phones, handsets, jacks, cords, keypad and receiver problems. Phones that were damaged due to a power surge, customer abuse issues, or water damage, are not repairable, ........but we even have a trade in program for many of these models, which will allow replacement at very affordable prices.

    If you have a question about any NBX product please don't hesitate to call. Our repair service is much less than buying a new phone, and guarantees that you get a phone back in working order. Each phone sent in for repair receives a 90-day warranty.


    Analog Line Card Repair Service

    Our certified technical staff services analog line cards in a timely and cost effective manner, helping you save in the areas that matter most. Analog line cards with one, two, three or even four bad ports can be serviced by our knowledgeable staff. Cards that are visibly broken can not be repaired, but may be eligible for our trade-in / trade-up program. Call for more information on this program today.

    We know how important down time is to your business, so we strive to return your equipment back in working order in just 2-weeks. Send in your non-working cards today! Why struggle with a failing analog line card on site.Why use equipment that is not working up to it's full potential. Use all your available ports TODAY! NBX, Inc at 1 800 544 0059 for fast repair service.


    Some Available repair services :

  • Analog Line Card
  • NBX 1100 series Business Phone 1 800 544 0059
  • NBX 2100 series Business Phone 1 419 893 1001
  • NBX 3100 series business Phone 1 419 893 8380 fax
  • NBX Attendant Console Call for details on other cards and chassis' we repair
  • Getting Started

    Please contact us to complete the repair process. Check out our complete step-by-step guide to our NBX Repair Service. We are happy to help service your NBX Repair Needs.

    Please note that you will also need to download the NBX REPAIR FORM, and include a filled out copy in your package when shipping. Also, remember to retain a copy for your records. Thanks for your co-operation...it will be worth it.




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