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What is the significance of the 4.1.77 download on the NBX 100? Should I consider version 5 or 6?

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The 4.1.77 download is an important release for the simple reason, that it is the last download available that remains unlicensed. This download came out originally as the 4.0 release and slowly worked its way through the issues up to and including 4.1.77... Beginning with 4.2, there is a licensing cost associated with the upgrade, to any of the platform processors. The next major release is the 5.0, which offers additional features in the call center platform, as well as other upgrades, which allow more versatility of use. 5.0 also worked its way up through some layers, 5.0.12, and 5.0.24, respectively. The 6.0 revision came out in 2006, and adds on the features base of the 5.0 family. It allows the choice of using H.323 or SIP, as your coding language, for example. The need to upgrade is driven by the choices available to the user, that match their call needs. Call us to talk about upgrading, at 1 800 544 0059. We can help you decide which upgrade will be best for you, or whether it might not be required, based on your installation and use parameters