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What methods should I use to back up my dial plan, my data base, and licenses in my configuration?

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Backing up is critical, due the possibility of hardware failure, due to a power spike or natural disaster. The method is very straight forward; the issue is doing it and saving properly, and knowing how to retrieve it. For the dial plan, you go into netset and select the "operations" tab under the dial plan category, from there you enter the "export" command and the dial plan will come up. Review it for accuracy, and then tab "file" and "save as " giving it a name... done. The data base involves entering Netset and clicking the "managed data" tab and clicking for backup. This goes to a screen asking where to save it to...save it, name it, and move on. Backing up your licenses is very important, as you could lose them if you have a hardware failure, and no license commands, that are traceable, which allows them onto the new drive. This is simple as well, go into netset and hit the "backup" bar on the left. Click box to save choices, and then follow the standard "save to" and name, as usual. We strongly suggest you save them all to a CD , DVD, or flash drive, and clearly mark it before it goes into the safe... oh and if you change the default passwords, record them as well.... If you get into a bind,based on lost data from a former employee, call us at 1 800 544 0059 and ask for Tech Services consulting; we may be able to help.

Last Updated on Friday, 02 March 2007 09:02