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12 Most compelling reasons to use NBX

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3Com's NBX VoIP System was developed at MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in 1998.    Part of the success of the surprisingly affordable NBX system is its VoIP "genes". When you are fortunate enough to have the Research and Development of your product done at one of the most respected Universities in the World, it will likely work right each time, and all the time. The system is stable, highly integrated, and follows industry standard configurations. With over 20,000 installations worldwide, this platform is one of the most used VoIP systems, deployed. Over 90% of the users we canvass use the system, and still favor it after 5 years. A satisfaction ratio this high is rare in any telephony system, after this much time in use.

2. The NBX System is scaleable from 4 users to thousands of users, without any dramatic service interruptions during upgrade cycles. A system with this capability is considered both robust and versatile. Through the unification of 3Com switches, tel sets, routers, controllers, and feature applications, the 3Com NBX can meet or exceed any Corporate need requirement, from the four person office, to an engineering firm in nine countries with 1000 users.

3. The NBX System, and its larger cousin, the VCX System, have been integrated, to create a seamless platform
which adapts to any size requirement. Both use the same tel sets, the same operational codes, and the same protocols. This allows the enterprise infinite growth, without the need to change platforms or system components. It is virtually mix and match. In addition, this flexibility allows the company to redirect their resources, as needed, in very short time frames. This flexibility of integrated platforms, is unparalleled in the industry.

4.  System administration is simple.  The dial plan, and configuration codes are written in common English, on a computer key board. The internal administration of moves, adds, and changes, allows ongoing cost savings, as the same IT provider that manages the data network, oversees the voice network as well. In most cases, when a worker is moved to a new location, he or she simply takes their business set along, and plugs it in at the new desktop. The tel set will auto discover the system and go right back to work. This feature enhances productivity and eliminates cost centers. Some users report that this savings alone amortizes the cost of the system.

5.  The System is totally integrateable with a standard Information Technology (IT) network. The NBX can use the same jacks and wiring already in place in the data LAN, that is already up and running in the building. The companies' computer screens and cpu's can even be plugged into the hub port on the back of every phone, to save costs on additional wiring runs at installation. In addition, the companies' IT group can internally support the voice installation, without additional employee resources, or specialized voice divisions.

6. The 3Com Voice platform is highly respected in the industry. Many of the  larger IT infrastructure providers, have reviewed the 3Com voice platform for use in their own networks. In 2005, IBM made the choice to implement the 3Com system in their global WAN, which services over 50,000 employees on 7 Continents. In late 2006, they went a step further and committed to deploy the system on their data network, for their customer base. They launched a product line based on the dual IBM and 3COM  platform, called The IBM System i IP telephony solution.  This platform is being rolled out internationally to IBM customers everywhere.

7.  Per seat price has come down, even as the hardware and software have become more feature rich.  Price is always an issue. An example of price reduction on new products can be seen in several 3Com offerings. As an example, The V3000 (3C10600B) processor came out in 2005, with the capacity to service 1500 devices, 400 hour voice mail, and 15  3000 series phones licenses, all at under $2000. The system offers price, value, and dependability.

8. The 3Com platform is highly adaptable to specialized uses such as inbound/outbound call centers, automated voice announcement  portals, call cost billing procedures, as well as many other "back office" procedures that eat up employee productivity, and reduce ROI on  internal processes involving sales, product fulfillment, and human resources.

9. The NBX System offers high availability and near flawless "up time".  With over 9 years in the field, the system is a proven performer. Our strong belief is that every component has a ten year life, or more. The system  works every day, and every time. Most upgrades in the system involve little to no down time, which is critical in the voice world. Additional sites come up well, and we have been involved with consulting on hundreds of them. Many clients want to standardize on one system, site to site, to enjoy the economies of scale, afforded by standardization in the 3Com voice  platform, enterprise wide.

10. Productivity of each employee is enhanced by the availability of records, documents, voice mails, and faxes, from the original data network and  the overlayed or integrated  3Com Voice Network  Increasing productivity is the key to keeping the competitive edge in the business place.

11. Operational savings are very important as well. With the use of Virtual Tie Lines, the business can make unlimited calls from one branch to another with only 4 digits. The calls can be of any duration, and as often as needed. The per call cost is zero, yes nothing... even if the branches are 10,000 miles apart. This is a powerful feature to improve productivity and control costs.

12. It is all about boundaryless connectivity.  The 3Com NBX offers the users a suite of services that tie every user together from every diverse location. It allows a global strategy, a regional strategy or a neighborhood strategy, with similar ease. Today, connectivity makes the enterprise strong, regardless of its size or location. The NBX platform delivers connectivity.

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