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What do I do if I can't remember / find the Password to my NBX 100, V3000 or V5000 chassis?

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Typically, the Passwords for the NBX 100 (3C10111) = 0000, V3000 (3C10600B) = 0000, and V5000(3C10238) = 00000000. When you change the Password, it will require 8 digits minimum for the new Password. Please be certain to type the Password, and then re-type it when it asks for a confirmation (never copy and paste the the Password). This is a good way to confirm that the Password is valid both times it is typed. If you are unable to retrieve your Password, you will have to contact 3Com direct, in that the information was proprietary to the particular unit that was sold to you. Call us at 800-544-0059 if you have any further questions.

Last Updated on Sunday, 11 July 2010 14:16