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Option 120 & 184

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Option 184 is the later and more informative version of Option120

Option 184 is a reserved option, and parameters in the option can be defined as needed. The device supports Option 184 carryiing the voice related parameters, so a DCHP client with voice functions can get an IP address along with specified voive parameters from the DHCP server.

Option 184 involves the following sub-options:

  • Sub-option 1: IP address of the primary network calling processor, which is a server serving as the network calling source and providing program downloads.
  • Sub-option 2: IP adress of the backup network calling processor that DHCP clients will contact when the primary one is unreachable.
  • Sub-option 3: Voice VLAN ID and the result whether DHCP clients take this ID as the voice VLAN or not.
  • Sub-option 4: Failover route that specifies the destination IP address and the called number that a SIP user uses to reach another SIP user when both the primary and backup calling processors are unreachable.