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3Com Phones Tips and Tricks to save you money.

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At The NBX Group, we know that you want certain 3Com Phone Supplies and 3Com License Services, and you want them to be affordable. We also know that you are in the same budgetary crunches that every business in the country faces:

How to do More with Less

We understand this because we hear it every business day. Fill in the short, 4 box information square below, and get some instant relief. There are 20, or so, important tips and tricks we have compiled to save you time and money. Some are as simple as setting Daylight Time in your NBXwe all need thatHowever, more importantly,

These 20 little tips and tricks will save you money and time.

In fact, the first 5 alone can save you a thousand dollars this year!

And did we mention these Tips and Tricks are Free to NBX End Users

All you have to do is REGISTER HERE!

The Tips and Tricks Include:

  • A method to reuse your equipment and save 75% of the cost to upgrade

  • A method to choose certain 3Com Equipment Models that reduce your cost up to 50% on acquisition AND reduce ongoing operational costs as well

  • A method to save Hundred$ on licensing costs, now, or in the future

In addition, at The NBX Group, we can offer you something that will bring You and Your group, Peace of Mind :

We Offer Support Contracts For your 3Com NBX.

That alone may make the information of value, even if you saved no money.

Aw, go ahead, register here, and see how these 20 useful Tips and Tricks for Your 3Com NBX System, can work for you.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:48