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IMAP4 Configuration for Outlook

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Note: Every system includes a CD that contains Internet Explorer 5.0, Outlook Express 5.0, Microsoft NetMeeting, and all applicable NBX 100 client software.

NOTE: Before you start, please be sure to have all phones plugged into the system. Be sure to setup Voice Mail, by simply pressing the PURPLE button on the phone and following the prompts. While setting up the Voice Mail you will be asked to choose a personal password, this password will be used to retrieve your messages both locally at the phone and through IMAP4.

  • Please upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer which is included on the resource CD shipped with the Network Call Processor AKA NCP
  • As a result of the installation, Outlook Express 5.0 gets installed as well. Once the software is installed, Double Click on the Outlook Express icon which is located on Windows Desktop.
  • Follow the prompts, they are mostly self explanatory
  • For Account Name: Enter NBXAPX, which it stands for Network Based Exchange/ Advanced Power Mail Exchange
  • Proceed with entering your e-mail address, which is your extension number at (@) IP address of the NBX100. For Example: 100 @
  • Be sure to choose the correct server type: HTTP, POP3, and IMAP.
  • The server type must be set to IMAP, use the drop down menu to select this option
  • Next: For server name please enter the server IP address, for example:
  • Use the IP address of the chassis for both outgoing mail and incoming mail server name
  • At last, when system prompts for name and pass word: Enter your extension number for name and your voice mail password for the password. For example, 100 and the password for voicemail box 100 is 4444.
  • Complete the setup and download messages from the NBX100 system by pressing the send/receive button from the Outlook Express Menu Bar.
Last Updated on Friday, 09 June 2006 06:59