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TAPI Configuration

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Windows 95 user must update TAPI services from Microsoft; this update has nothing to do with 3Com products or particularly the NBX 100 product. In order to make TAPI work in Windows ?95 environment you must do this update first. The files required for this update is downloadable from Microsoft?s WEB page, however to make things a little easier we have obtained those files and placed them on the Resource Pack CD.

You can also download the Prerequisite file, which is a ZIPPED file from the Chassis itself. Simply login as administrator and go to "Software Tab".

The Zipped file is called: nbxtsp95.zip or win95prerequisite.zip. Once you extract this file you will find three files: dcom95.exe, tapi2195.exe, w95ws2setup.exe, apply the files in the order that is listed above. And be sure to reboot the computer whenever the computer prompts you to do so.

Windows?98 and Windows NT 4.0 users are not subject to TAPI upgrade.

Installed the client software, which is included on the Resource Pack CD, or downloadable from the Chassis, under the Software TAB.

Before you install the application be sure that you have setup the Voice Mail of the particular telephone set you which to associate TAPI service with.

Install the application, Enter the Chassis IP address for server name, for user name enter the extension number of the telephone set, for password enter the password you selected to retrieve your Voice Mail messages.

If the computer prompts you to reboot, please do so. After your computer is rebooted you can go to Control Panel and under Telephony services, Drivers, you can find the NBX TAPI driver.

At this point you can test the NBX TAPI services by simply using Microsoft Outlook or a simple dialer such as Phone Dialer under the Accessories.

Before you start dialing go to dialing options and choose the NBX driver to dial. The following is an example: x101, ,

There will be other options under dialing options; typically is your internal MODEM.

Note: Outlook is not Inward TAPI compliant software, meaning that it will not screen pop contacts based on their caller ID. There are lots of applications that support inward and outward TAPI services. If an application does not support it then a middle ware, third party software is used to add inward TAPI services to a specific application such as Outlook.

ACT 4.0 by Symantec is a true bi-directional TAPI compliant software.

Last Updated on Friday, 09 June 2006 06:58