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ATC (3C10117) Low Audible Ring

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The 3C10117 4-Port Analog Terminal Card for 2500 sets and faxs seems to generate about a 50vAC ring using what 3Com describes as interrupted DC and with a ring generator on the card which is rated at about 5.0 REN (Ringer Equivalent Loads).

We have tested several sites using 2500 sets: AT&T, Bell phones (coil ringers) ITT/Cortelco, and Panasonic, with the same results- low audible ringing.

We then tested:

TEC Model 015A, Mechanical Bell - has on/off switch, in-line modular cord, and jack for SLT.

Results: This is the cheapest unit with the loudest including the SLT plugged into it.

Wheelock Model CH-AT1-W, Telchime has adjustable chime and volume settings (you must provide a bridging T-adapter for phone) Results: If you like doinks and donks or doorbell type sounds, then great.

There are numerous external ringers with power supplies for high noise environments such as factories, terminals, and machine shops. Bogen and Wheelock provide several models.

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