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Remote Paging Setup

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Remote Paging allows the user to dial the main listed number of the NBX? which is answered by NBX? automated attendant.

First, establish a HUNT GROUP. The Type of Hunt Group is a CALLING GROUP.

In the settings for this Hunt Group, select the following:

  • Call Coverage (Phone Number) input 622 (ALL PAGE Internal/External)
  • Total Timeout = 1
  • Per Device Timeout = 2
  • De-select Automatic Logout if no answer

Next, using NetSet, assign the AutoExt number for the Automated Attendant to Line Card Ports / Channels (700, 701, etc...), setup a single digit transfer to a HUNT GROUP (Press 3 for 450 or 451, etc...) in the NBX Menu Tree Settings.

This does not alter the dial plan or affect paging from NBX telephones. This dialup page application can save the customer some money on investing additional hardware which uses unused analog CO ports or adds additional hardware to the paging equipment.

Our tests on this feature prove reliable. However, using this application with another PBX, Key telephone system, or Hybrid connected to the NBX will likely work once and result in a HUNG Page Port. The NBX does not recognize proprietary signalling from traditional telephone systems. You can also setup external paging (620) or ALL PAGE of internal telephones (621) by using the appropriate codes.

  • Tested with analog CO lines, disconnect supervision recognized by NBX
  • Tested with digital key/hybrid system connected to NBX. Page works once, then HANGS since digital key/hybrid uses inband signalling to transmit disconnect codes. Do Not USE in these configurations (Looping SLT ports of digital key/hybrid system to CO of NBX.
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