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System Crashes

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The NBX 100 chasis is usually linked to the customer hub or switch using a straight throughpatch cable connecting the 10BT Uplink port on the Call Processor (3C10110). This solution also covers customer configurations using the Hub Card (3C10115) for the extension connections to the NBX chasis using a cross-overpatch cable connecting to other equipment.

This particular problem is isolated to power line disturbances entering the network from an unprotected device. Since the NBX is a converged product offering telephones and computers the same internal network infrastructure, it is important to realize that everything is networked together. In an ideal environment, all computers and peripherals including the telephone sets will be powered from an uninterruptible power supply (battery back up) and have network grade power protection.

Any device that is not adequately protected from power disturbance will likely introduce that hit to the end point on the network. The endpoint is the NBX chasis. The power hit (spike) can be severe enough to crash the NBX by lockup of the network or flooding the ethernet switch or hub, corrupting the database, and damaging telephones. During the cooler months, Users may complain that they were "shocked" by the telephone when in fact, they shocked the telephones by static discharge. Dry air, carpet, waxed tile or waxed floor surfaces, forced air heat, clothing, and plastic office mats contribute to this problem.


  • No extensions or lines will ring The APX voice messaging (also assigned extensions) will fail to operate The customer/user or service provider must then reboot the system from NetSet (if accessible) or manually by unplugging the system and reconnecting power after three (3) minutes.
  • Harddrive failures and or database corruption.
  • NBX telephone failure.
  • Network appears to be down. Ethernet switch power is cycled to clear problem and restores network and NBX.

ITW Linx offers a rack mount unit that protects twelve (12) LAN connections and provides six (6) protected AC receptacles in the rear of the unit. The unit is available in a 19" rack mount version and the part number is DataLinx 1200.