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Bridged Buttons

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The Problem

  • Do you have users who are migrating from KEY systems to NBX systems (with a T1) who just can't part with the idea of seeing the CO lines appearances for incoming calls?
  • Do you have multiple busy receptionists who all answer calls and want to be able to put a call on HOLD that another receptionist can simply pick up? (Park zones don't work)
  • Do you have users who want certain DIDs to appear on a DIFFERENT BUTTON than the system appearance? (The Hunt Group name in the display just not good enough)
  • Is this a multi-tenant environment with a single receptionist?

Well, thanks to R4.0 and Bridged Station Appearances, you can solve all of these problems .


  • First, create a "bogus" NBX Phone by adding a new telephone device with a MAC Address like 00:E0:BB:FF:FF:01. (I'll use x400 for this example.)
  • Route all incoming calls for the company to x400 OR at a call group that contains only x400. Using a Hunt/Call groups allows you to retain the benefit of the HG name in the LCD display.
  • You can route both TLIMS and DIDs at this extension!
  • Configure the Button Mapping for device x400 with multiple system appearances, and make them Bridged Station appearances for x400 (BSA MASTER).
  • Now configure one or more other phones with (the same number of) Bridged Station Appearances for x400 (BSA SLAVE).
  • Remember to leave enough System buttons on the SLAVE phones so they can still transfer calls.
  • Now, any calls that would ring on the System buttons of x400 now ring on the Bridged Station buttons on the other phone(s). If you have more than one phone, then anybody can put a call on HOLD and any other can pick it up.
  • You can create multiple "MASTER" extensions and have them ALL appear on one slave phone. Now calls to different DIDs can ring on different buttons!
  • Remember that you CANNOT be both a BSA MASTER and SLAVE. You can, however, be a SLAVE to multiple MASTERs.

by: Scott Milbert
APEX Communication Systems, Inc.
7 McKay Avenue
Winchester, MA 01890
Voice: 781-721-0720 or 1-800-621-5550
Fax: 781-721-4620

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