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Poor Man's Call Recording

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NBX's with PRI's and DID's:

  • Create a phantom MB with no greeting.
  • Create a PreTranslator (if necessary) to direct the DID to that phantom MB (requires 4.0 code or later)
  • Create a One-touch speed dial on the user's phone for that DID (the call needs to go out and come back in for this to work) followed by a series of commas and one pound sign. The commas are a delay to ensure that the MB is accessed prior to the # sign being sent. The # sign will force the greeting to be bypassed and go straight into recording.
  • Map a MWI for the phantom MB to the appropriate phones.

When a call needs to be recorded on the fly, do the following steps:

  1. Tell the caller you need to put them on hold for a moment.
  2. Actually, hit the Conference button (they will get MOH)
  3. Press the One-touch speed dial for the DID.
  4. Once they hear the beep to indicate that recording has started, hit the Conference button again.
  5. Access the MB using the MWI.

A similar procedure can be completed on analog systems, but only if the first thing incoming calls hit is the Auto Attendant.

Direct MailBox Delivery from a Hunt Group

It is sometimes necessary to have a HG's voicemail go to a user's mailbox versus the 'General MB' for the HG. All that needs to be done is the following:

  • Change the call coverage point on the huntgroup to 'Phone Number'.
  • Enter the following series of characters 500FAAAAA4#125#*F

The 125 is where you place the extension of the desired VM box.

by Jason Eatmonq
Peak Systems, Inc.
634 St. Marks, Suite A
Redding, CA 96003

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