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Free 3Com NBX Notes & Software | 3Com

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PREMIUM NBX Subscription: Free 3Com NBX notes and software.

To register for your Premium NBX Subscription (and receive free 3Com NBX Notes & Software), simply call us at 419-893-1001 and gain access to our secure FTP site to download archived SS3 NBX and NBX 100 software updates up to Release 4.3.3

NBX OS Releases 4.2.6 and higher require purchased licenses from 3Com.

Please note: there is a delay processing your subscription request. The subscription requests are not instantaneous. We make no warranty or representation of the software, and this service is provided to registered NBX users which are customers of the Group seeking to actively manage their company/organizational NBX telephone systems.


  • Easy and secure access to our FTP site 24x7
  • Keep your NBX and NBX applications current
  • Allows users to upgrade their systems
  • Access to "INSIDE NBX"
  • Access to "NBX UnderGround"
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Other software
  • Protect your initial NBX investment by keeping the operating system current
  • This service is an OPTION to not paying for an on-site technician to upgrade your system
  • This service is NOT an OPTION to a Certified Dealer
  • Technical support time is minimized by having current NBX operating software

For more information about receiving free 3Com NBX notes & software, contact 3Com at 419-893-1001


Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 April 2012 15:21