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3Com Custom Systems | NBX Group | 3Com

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3Com Custom Solutions at Affordable Prices

A refreshing new approach to 3Com NBX Custom Systems

At the NBX Group we know that configuring and installing a new custom 3Com system, whether for the first time or the tenth, can be a daunting and overwhelming task. We would like to help take the stress out of your 3Com NBX custom system installation. Most moves, adds, and changes are reasonably easy to perform with the windows-based administrative tools; however, some things such as creating an additional linked office, upgrading for better connectivity, or sharing of your network, using both voice and data over the same wiring, may require specialized servicing.

The problem with custom 3Com systems is the logistics, such as bringing together the additional cards, expansion cabinets, the RJ-45 cables, power supplies, and routing configurations. These prerequisites often mean a simple move/add/change is put off for days or weeks. Is it better to make a partial upgrade now or to wait until you can devote the time and resources to a more complete solution? This is where the NBX Group can help. We are fully aware of and capable of providing solutions, both short term and long term. We are also sensitive to economic factors, and we look for ways to save you money. NBX Group has what you're look for-the right solution at the right price.

This planning phase is our specialty. We have all the necessary products in stock ready to be customized to your installation. Maybe you only need a spare handset or 10 foot curly cord, but it's likely it is more complex such as a revised dial plan, an additional satellite location , or a significant upgrade to your primary location. No matter how simple or complex your installation, we are here to help.

We can help with your 3Com NBX Custom System! Call 1 (800) 544-0059.

We offer:

  • on-line and telephone based integration consulting
  • any and all hardware products from the old NBX 25 to the newest V3000
  • cabling and routing materials and pointers
  • expertise in over laying your voice network to your legacy data network
  • trouble shooting from 1 phone to 6 T-1 configurations
  • simple training on your graphical user interface
  • repair/replacement of any and all failed parts
  • an understanding attitude that VoIP networks are new and may require tweaking

The NBX group can offer you a full line of hardware and software solutions ranging from a complete 1500 desktop installation, to a single phone with extra handsets and base stands. We can be reached at 1 (419) 3Com-NBX or toll free at 1 (800) 544 0059. We will design and customize your system for you, based on your own unique needs. So give us a call, and talk to one of our 3Com NBX certified sales staff and technicians.

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