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Is there an easy source for troubleshooting NBX dial plan problems?

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Dial plans can be a little tricky, at times. They must be written without error , and it is easy to unintentionally change them when reviewing network issues. The dial plan is written in word pad and you must enter the information in an exact manner. This language is case sensitive, as well as spelling specific... fortunately there is no punctuation. Many times the error is found in the sectors doing call routing or directing calls to the wrong extensions. This creates downstream errors in call handling, that may not be known at the time. In addition, many times when you review the plan, that you wrote, you do not see the error because, although it is grammatically correct, the destination is slightly off. It may take another viewer to recognize the error. We at The NBX Group may be able to help. We ask that you forward the dial plan by email, and we review it and and generally find the coding error. It is done on a consulting basis. Call 1 800 544 0059 for more details, if you are interested.

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 January 2007 13:10