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What is the ideal place to put your fax machine?

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This is a question with several answers. If your NBX has only a digital line card, and you are making and receiving your calls over a T-1 PRI, you will need to use the analog terminal card ,or adapter, as the fax machine only knows analog language, and therefore requires conversion to digital signaling. In this case, you may elect to have additional dedicated analog TDM lines, then you could use one of them as a dedicated fax line, without analog terminal adaptation. Or, in another case, if your lines all come in from the Central Office as analog , and enter the system via an analog line card, you can choose to let the fax stand alone or be routed through the system. In the case where all lines enter on a voice T-1 PRI, it would cost an addiitonal forty or so dollars a month, to have an analog line provided by a second source ,outside the T-1. You may choose it however, as a failover, to have some service if your digital provider has an interruption in service. In this case the fax line still will work from the TDM provider, and will allow you to take inbound calls on the fax line, as well as do outbound calls on your cell phones, (or vice versa). This will allow some productivity, until the digital track comes back up.The argument is that some service is better than no service.

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 January 2007 13:12