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In the 3Com world, what is an FRU and what is its function?

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In the classic sense, FRU stands for Field Replacement Unit. The FRU to 3Com is the standard term used to describe the NBX 100 hard drive. #3C10119 is the number for the FRU (disk drive) in the NBX 100. The disk drive or drives, in the case of disk mirroring products, act to store the operating system and the voice mail. More recently, a second product has been delineated as a FRU. This is the chassis section of the V3000 processor, #3C10241. This unit does not contain a disc drive, but is in fact made of the balance of the components, i.e. the power supply, case, motherboard, and wiring harness. Although it is a bit confusing, the replacement Disc Drive, for the V3000, is also known as a FRU . Its number is #3C10118C, and it can be purchased stand alone, for replacement, without buying the chassis section.