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Can the V3000 processor #3C10600 B act as a stand alone unit?

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The V3000 has external paging, external alert, music on hold, 4 analog line inputs,1 analog terminal input, and 1 RJ 45 Ethernet connection. For this reason, the installation would require an external switch, as well as an external chassis, either the V3000/ V5000 expansion cabinet, #3C 10605A , or an NBX 100 chassis #3C10111with a hub card, or uplink card #3C10370. The switch could be the 3300 model, or either of the 4400 models. The V3000 is wired through Category 5 cable to the switch, and the expansion cabinet, is as well. This configuration is necessary to allocate the phone extensions in the system. The line inputs can go directly into the V3000(four are available). The V300 will also allow direct connection of a fax machine ,or another analog device, such as a credit card reader(to the analog terminal port). All the phones will hang off the switch, or switches, depending on the number of phones and extensions required.

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 January 2007 13:15