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Can I use "off the shelf" computer parts, on my NBX?

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We have had experience in this area, with several inquires in the past, and we advise against doing so. It is true that some of parts appear to be common computer parts available at your local dealer. The power supply or disc drive may appear the same or similar. The issue is the actual wiring configurations and power to pin configurations on the power supply. Plus 3 volts is not the same as -3 volts. Customer field results have been negative. We have not tried to mix parts, as a rule, due to the these issues.In addition, the FRU or disc drive is similar to standard units. It ,however is specially coded and sectorized, and cannot easily be swapped, with an "off the shelf" unit. It is proprietary to the 3Com system, and is not meant to be tampered with or copied. In nearly every case, this practice should be avoided.