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If I put a system in at work, can I take a phone home and use it remotely?

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The question is simple; the answer is complex. The NBX system can be remotely accessed, in various ways, with various levels of success. The NBX processor is IP based, and it is looking for its children(the phones). For the most part it is looking on an internal network. The problem is that the home is not on the network, it is part of the open Internet. This implies two issues. First is security. If you could directly log on to the system at work, does this mean that there is no monitoring firewall in the system at work? That would be a bad idea. The second issue is use of features on the system and the telephone set. The NBX uses a protocol called multicasting to internally signal its phones on premise. It does not broadcast multicasting over the Internet. For this reason, when you log on from home to work, the IP address can be recognized, after you have been accepted through the firewall, but some of the features will not work properly. The lost features include access to voice mail, paging at work, and most importantly, button lights. The fix to this problem is to create a multicast tunnel over the Internet using IP sec(security),with the use of two routers or two router/firewall configurations. In addition, there is a possible solution using a multicast tunnel program, available from NBXmulticast.com. Yep, it is not easy.

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 January 2007 13:17