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How does the NBX auto discovery feature work / not work?

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The issue here is what the the phone, not the processor is looking for. The phone may initiate the inquiry process, with an algorithms that corresponds to the MAC address from another system. This MAC address may be valid, but it is not the address of the processor in the system.. It may be the address of some unrelated system, or a n address that is simply coded wrong. The Mac address needs to be set back to DEFAULT , as if the phone has never been installed and is anew phone. The procedure's is as follows: Power up the phone and hit the program key. Pause, Look at the display, and depress the AB1 key, now hit the AB6 key until all fffffff 's are on the display. Now hit the # key to store this input. Then plug in the network cable. Now cycle power and the phone will begin to search, download, and find the system. Shortly it will come up as recognized. If this is all too complex, call us at 1 800544 0059 and ask for our tech consulting department. We can work you through it.

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 January 2007 13:18