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What spares do I need on the shelf ,to assure that I can get my system up ASAP, after an outage?

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Smart Administrators do have spares. Consider them the inexpensive insurance policy, that reduces coworker tirades, and executive reprimands. All offices have conflict, and it is part of the work cycle. There is no reason to court it, however. Consider the following as a short list of the items you should consider: A. a spare phone for every 10 employees, B. Replacement perishables, like designation strips, power bricks, handset cords, cat 5 wall cords, and the like. C.Always have a replacement FRU,( field replacement unit), for the hard drive. D. If you operate multiple boxes or multiple locations, you need more than one set of the above,as well as a set of spare cards, that are common to all the boxes, such as Analog line cards, digital line cards, and analog terminal cards. Oh and one other thing, back up your licenses and data base information, and store it in a safe place.