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How can I use analog devices like fax machines, and credit card validators, with the NBX?

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There are two major ways available to place these kinds of analog devices on the NBX system. The first is primarily a stand alone device, known as an analog terminal adapter(ATA). It has been manufactured under two numbers, both of which, in a practical sense, act the same in service. These are 3C10120, and the 3C10400. This device is 115 volt standard powered, and is shelf or desk-top mounted. Its size is approximately 12 inches square, and 1 inch thick. The fax or CC machine is plugged into the ATA , and the ATA is then wired into the switch used in the configuration for the placement of your phones. A second option is to use the Analog Terminal Card 3C10117, which is a four port card that is used in the NBX 100 Cabinet 3C10111C, or the V3000/V5000 expansion cabinet, number 3C10605A. It requires one slot in either cabinet, but allows up to four devices to be plugged into the system simultaneously, that are analog based.