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In a new installation, would I be wise to plan all digital lines or all analog lines?

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This question has differing answers depending on the number of lines, as well as other criterion. In the T-1 digital world, the cost of a T-1 PRI varies by locality and provider. As a rule a T-1 voice line is cost effective around a breakpoint of 15 to 18 lines. That is, 15 to 18 analog lines costs the same, more or less, as the 24 lines that are carried on the T channel. If you have 15 lines or more, you would most likely choose the all digital method, with the Digital line card, 3C10116. In some cases, you can fractionalize a T channel with part data and part voice. This may allow the use of the all digital solution with fewer than 15 to 18 lines. (Fractionalizing the T, means splitting the function for two differing uses). If you have only a few lines, say 5 to 10, and no great data flow requirement, you would most likely choose the analog line card configuration, using the 3C10114 ALC card. Each analog card has four ports, to service four lines. Remember that a fax or credit card machine may require special configuring,(an analog terminal adapter, or an analog terminal card) depending on the choices you make on the line supply, i.e. digital or analog.

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