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What choices do we have to provide conference room phone functions, with the NBX?

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There are two choices. First you can choose the simple and inexpensive way... just install a 2102 phone in the conference room,(or 3102./3103, if you are set up for them). This works fine for conferences with up to 4 people in the room... It has fine clarity and has bidirectional signaling, so both sides can talk at once. It is a quick stop gap to get you up and running. After you have this in place, it may seem that you would like more access and features....This often happens in executive conference rooms, used by many people at once, or more sophisticated presentations. In this case choose the IP 3000 from Polycom, with the NBX download set.. It sells in the $1000 range new... used, they  are about 65%. It allows for more access speakers and microphones and looks cool... important to some exec's... The license for this phone is in the $100 range, so you will be investing a good deal more... but sometimes cool is worth it.

Last Updated on Friday, 02 March 2007 09:50