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What are the field definitions of the CDR report?

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  • Date, Date - the date the call was made
  • Call Sequence number, Call # - call sequence number (reset every day)
  • Root Call number, Root Call # - call sequence number with which the call is associated. For normal calls it is the same as the current call sequence number. For conference calls, call forwarding, etc, it is the call sequence number of that call that initiated the service
  • Parent Call Number, Parent Call # - call sequence number of the call that initiated the current call leg. This is a -1 for a user-initiated call leg
  • Record Type, Record Type - (for future use, all zeros right now)
  • Call Type, Call Type - 1 is outgoing, 2 is incoming
  • Originator Id, Orig Id - originator's extension
  • Oiginator's name, Orig name - originator's name
  • Acount Code, Account Code - account code (if one was entered)
  • Orig department, Orig Dept - originator's department
  • Authorization Code, Not in Display - not currently used
  • Destination ID, Dest Id - destination device's extension
  • Destination name, Dest Name - destination user's name
  • Dest Department, Dest Dept - destination user's department
  • Time, Time - the time the call was started
  • Duration of call, Duration - duration of the call (in seconds)
  • Calling Number ID, Call Data - dialed digits on outgoing call. Caller ID on incoming call
  • Call Complete, Complete - 0 (false) or 1 (true), indicates if the call was completed (0 appears if the call is forwarded)
  • Hunt Group ID, Hunt Group - Hunt group number (if call is terminated to a hunt group)
  • Notes, Notes - Indicates if the call was terminated to Auto Attendant (AA) or Voicemail (VM)

Please NOTE: in the field CALL COMPLETE or COMPLETE in item 18 above- NBX CDR (Call Detail Recording) is an application that stores events of inbound and outbound telephone voice traffic. Once digits are collected and routed to a destination, inbound or outbound, the call is an event, or record showing that event. It does NOT imply that the call was billable by the carrier(s). These are events and a simulation of what happened in past dialing events. This is typical of ANY telephone system, IP based or traditional. These events, completed or not, account for telephone traffic usage which is needed in determining proper line configurations, queues, and staff sizing.