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Are there 3Com NBX expansion chassis options for use with the V3000, V5000 and V3001 chassis? 3Com's position is to use the 3Com SuperStack 3 NBX V5000 / V3000 Gateway chassis with the listed chassis for expandability. This free-standing chassis comes with 4 slots, and is equipped with both a back plane and power supply. However, some of our users have notified us that they used their existing 3Com NBX 100 chassis with an 3Com NBX up-link card, with the listed chassis, for expandability as well. Call us at 800-544-0059 if you have any further questions.

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1 What steps do you take to transfer a 3Com NBX chassis licenses and database to a back-up hard-drive? Jeff Condon
2 Can you transfer licenses from an 3Com NBX chassis to another 3Com NBX chassis? Jeff Condon
3 Can I use a Polycom phone on the V3000 chassis, in that it has a Polycom license? Jeff Condon
4 Do you provide board-level bench test repair services on 3Com devices? Jeff Condon
5 What is the preferred power supply source for 3Com phone devices? Jeff Condon
6 Can I still purchase discontinued 1102 and 2102 series phones, and are they still service supported? Jeff Condon
7 Do we have updates to PCXSET, Call Reports, TAPI Dial, etc.? Jeff Condon
8 With R6.0, can you listen in to a conversation on another ext / is there a license required? Jeff Condon
9 Do you require any additional purchases (i.e. licenses) to upgrade from R4.1.77 to R6.0? Jeff Condon
10 How do I replace an NBX phone on the system? Jeff Condon
11 What do I do if I can't remember / find the Password to my NBX 100, V3000 or V5000 chassis? Tom Adkins
12 Are there 3Com NBX expansion chassis options for use with the V3000, V5000 and V3001 chassis? Tom Adkins
13 Who primarily uses the 3Com NBX V3001 Analog Platform chassis? Jeff Condon
14 3Com and daylight Savings Time Tom Adkins
15 What methods should I use to back up my dial plan, my data base, and licenses in my configuration? Tom Adkins
16 What is the significance of the 4.1.77 download on the NBX 100? Should I consider version 5 or 6? Tom Adkins
17 On the 3Com NBX 100, 3ComV3000, and 3ComV5000, what is "IP on-the-Fly", and why do I need it? Tom Adkins
18 How can I find the original manuals, and guides for the earlier equipment? Tom Adkins
19 How can I get the Tech bulletins available for the various product offerings in the NBX line? Tom Adkins
20 What downloads are available for the NBX 100, the V3000, and the V5000 product lines? Tom Adkins
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