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Are there 3Com NBX expansion chassis options for use with the V3000, V5000 and V3001 chassis? 3Com's position is to use the 3Com SuperStack 3 NBX V5000 / V3000 Gateway chassis with the listed chassis for expandability. This free-standing chassis comes with 4 slots, and is equipped with both a back plane and power supply. However, some of our users have notified us that they used their existing 3Com NBX 100 chassis with an 3Com NBX up-link card, with the listed chassis, for expandability as well. Call us at 800-544-0059 if you have any further questions.

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21 Can I use a standard 2.4 GHz wireless handset and base station on the NBX? Tom Adkins
22 How do the packets in the VoIP network get priority to avoid break up, echo, static, or dropout? Tom Adkins
23 Is the NBX platform the only VoIP platform, that 3Com makes? Tom Adkins
24 What choices do we have to provide conference room phone functions, with the NBX? Tom Adkins
25 In a new installation, would I be wise to plan all digital lines or all analog lines? Tom Adkins
26 What is the advantage of using the digital line card 3C10116 Rev D, over revision A, B, C? Tom Adkins
27 How many NBX systems are installed, and how well have they held up in service to date? Tom Adkins
28 Are any "off the shelf" digital devices that just "Plug and Play" on the NBX? Tom Adkins
29 How can I use analog devices like fax machines, and credit card validators, with the NBX? Tom Adkins
30 What should be done for repair of the phones and cards, that are replaced, as they go down? Tom Adkins
31 What spares do I need on the shelf ,to assure that I can get my system up ASAP, after an outage? Tom Adkins
32 What is the expected life of the NBX system, not in the text book sense, but in the real World? Tom Adkins
33 What external factors inhibit VoIP transmissions, over RJ45 jacks, and Category 5, 6, 7, cable? Tom Adkins
34 If I have a failed telephone, how can I save the info from that phone to use on a replacement Tom Adkins
35 How does the NBX auto discovery feature work / not work? Tom Adkins
36 If I put a system in at work, can I take a phone home and use it remotely? Tom Adkins
37 Do the 1100 series, the 2100 series, and the 3100 series phones act as computer hubs? Tom Adkins
38 Can I use "off the shelf" computer parts, on my NBX? Tom Adkins
39 Can the V3000 processor #3C10600 B act as a stand alone unit? Tom Adkins
40 In the 3Com world, what is an FRU and what is its function? Tom Adkins
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