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Are there 3Com NBX expansion chassis options for use with the V3000, V5000 and V3001 chassis? 3Com's position is to use the 3Com SuperStack 3 NBX V5000 / V3000 Gateway chassis with the listed chassis for expandability. This free-standing chassis comes with 4 slots, and is equipped with both a back plane and power supply. However, some of our users have notified us that they used their existing 3Com NBX 100 chassis with an 3Com NBX up-link card, with the listed chassis, for expandability as well. Call us at 800-544-0059 if you have any further questions.

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41 If I have an NBX at multiple locations will I need anything special for interoperability? Tom Adkins
42 What is the ideal place to put your fax machine? Tom Adkins
43 Is there an easy source for troubleshooting NBX dial plan problems? Tom Adkins
44 Why are some phones available in multiple colors and others only in Executive Grey? Tom Adkins
45 The NBX 100 has a power port on the front that has two settings. What is this for? Tom Adkins
46 What are the power options available for the 1100, the 2100 and the 3100 series phones? Tom Adkins
47 Are the plastic designation strips and paper indication strips available, for replacement? Tom Adkins
48 Is the lower face plate bar on the 3100 series phones (3101, 3102, 3103) replaceable? Tom Adkins
49 Does the 3100, 1100, or 1200 series phone line require licenses to operate? Tom Adkins
50 Does the 3100 hundred phone series have any significant difference, from the previous series models? Tom Adkins
51 Do all the NBX phone set groups use the same base stands and wall mounting brackets? Tom Adkins
52 Do the 1100, 2100, and 3100 series, all use the same handset, line cord, and cord? Tom Adkins
53 Can release 6.0 be used in all the 3Com NBX products, the NBX 100. the V3000, and the V5000? Tom Adkins
54 What Internet language does the NBX system use? Tom Adkins
55 How much bandwidth does the NBX? use? unreeldavy
56 What are the field definitions of the CDR report? unreeldavy
57 What are the NBX 100 Feature Codes? unreeldavy
58 Why do Plantronics headsets seem to lose the connection? unreeldavy
59 Can deleted voice mail messages be retrieved? unreeldavy
60 What are the NBX FCC registration numbers? unreeldavy
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