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    News articles concerning 3Com NBX systems, repairs, and upgrades

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    Are there 3Com NBX expansion chassis options for use with the V3000, V5000 and V3001 chassis? 3Com's position is to use the 3Com SuperStack 3 NBX V5000 / V3000 Gateway chassis with the listed chassis for expandability. This free-standing chassis comes with 4 slots, and is equipped with both a back plane and power supply. However, some of our users have notified us that they used their existing 3Com NBX 100 chassis with an 3Com NBX up-link card, with the listed chassis, for expandability as well. Call us at 800-544-0059 if you have any further questions.

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    This section of the site is reserved to create usable ideas and shortcuts for "work arounds" and "short term fixes". In Addition, it provides general information on systems and their individual application documents...this is handy when you are thinking through a problem, for which you are already know most of the solution.  We urge you to help the rest of the NBX Group Community, by providing useful content that may make certain issues easier to correct or define. You may even find a clever solution, that will allow all of us to live a happier life with the NBX.... Please forward any you may discover. If your individual NBX problem is getting tiring, or seems too complex, call us at 1 800 544 0059. We can help with pesky dial plans, Netset issues, failure to auto discover, and about 100 other minor issues, that may trouble you... just let us know, by asking for tech service consulting, any business day.... even on Saturday!