Can I use a standard 2.4 GHz wireless handset and base station on the NBX?

Sunday, 21 January 2007 13:37 Tom Adkins

The answer is yes, theoretically. You can just wire in a cordless phone and base stand to the system. It will be entering the system as an analog device, wired into the analog terminal card, or the analog terminal adapter, and then hanging off the switch over a cat 5 patch cord. It acts simply as a single line phone, with no feature access, such as paging or call transfer. It will allow outbound calls of course, or DID inbound calls, to a prescribed number that is tied to the IP address of the ATA. It will have all the pitfalls, however of a residential style phone, in a business environment, i.e. fade, short battery life, and signal blockage caused by steel beams, and metal roof plates. There are users that have reported success with this configuration, so it can be worth a try. We have even heard of a company that had 3 handsets hanging from the same base station, over the same ATA, and claimed it worked for them.

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